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Who We Are + What We Believe

Many of us were once “checkbox Christians.” We showed up at church each Sunday, we listened, and then we left to go about our week. Bombarded with bleak newsfeeds and weighted down by the daily grind, we wrestled to find God in our lives—and we felt empty and unfulfilled.

And then we found WPC Richmond, and we experienced radical spiritual transformation.

WPC grounds biblical teachings in a modern context to remind us that God’s Message is not static. It’s ever-present and dynamic. And when we really put God at the center of our lives—through action—we can become instruments for healing, hope, and great joy.

To us, the most profound spiritual moments actually happen outside Sunday services. Our mission is simple: reach out with Christ to an ever-changing world.

Here’s our framework for action,
the Six Marks of Discipleship:

1. Pray Daily

2. Worship Weekly

3. Read The Bible

4. Service at WPC & Beyond

5. Be In A Relationship To Encourage Spiritual Growth In Others

6. Give Freely of Our Time Talents & Resources

Come see for yourself how WPC can support your faith journey.
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